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Wear in the evening. Get excellent sleep.

Carbonshades are designed to block over 99.8% of blue and green light so you can get earlier, deeper, and more efficient sleep.

Health experts use and recommend Carbonshade


Jaime Seeman M.D.

In a world of so much bright light and digital screens, Carbonshade comes to the rescue for me and my patients. I see so many people with disrupted natural sleep patterns, and sleep is a key to optimal health.


Shawn Baker M.D.

I have been using Carbonshades for quite some time and have seen an objective improvement in my sleep quality. Exposure to artificial light, especially at night, seems to be suboptimal for our health. Carbonshades are a comfortable and stylish way to cut down on blue light exposure.

Customers love their Carbonshades

These glasses are amazing. I've tried other blue blockers before and these are the best looking by a long shot!

Kyle H

These have made a huge difference in my sleep. I no longer need to take melatonin and fall soundly asleep within minutes.

Johnny K

I love them, they exceeded my expectations! Recommending them to all my clients and friends. They ooze style and quality.

Justin L

Great glasses! Helps protect my eyes from developing macular degeneration from using my smartphone and laptop after dark

Jason, JBS Technologies

I love the way your glasses look and feel. I had some uvex glasses but felt like they didn't block enough blue spectrum plus they looked dorky.

Laura M

Thank you for the excellent glasses!! Immediate comfort and I can tell that these glasses are blocking a lot of light.

Margaret G

I got my glasses on friday and they are excellent - top quality and great looking and fitting too! Thank you so much! 

Fred A

Love these glasses, been using for months. I measure my sleep nightly and these glasses have def helped max out REM and deep sleep. Good quality.

James M. Baker


Control the Light

Exposure to blue and green light at night leads to sleep disruption.


Sleep Better

Maximize control of your circadian rhythm. Prevent melatonin suppression.


Feel Amazing

Better sleep results in more energy, focus, and happiness.

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