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The World's First Stylish Blue-Blocking Glasses

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Block Harmful Light

Carbonshade glasses are the most effective blue-blockers on the market, so you can be sure that you'll sleep as well as you possibly can.


Sleep Better

Simply wear Carbonshade glasses between sunset and bedtime to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed.


Live A Healthier Life

Because optimal sleep improves overall health, wearing Carbonshade glasses can affect every aspect of your work and personal life.

Technology is awesome, but...

Artificial light from our phones, computers, and lightbulbs interferes with our circadian rhythm and causes poor sleep. And while a variety of ways to combat these negative health effects have appeared, from common solutions like F.lux and Apple’s Nightshift to less popular ones like tinted bulbs and yellow or orange blue-blockers, none of these solutions work very well.

We realized there had to be a way to improve our sleep without living in the dark, so we took up the challenge and developed a pair of glasses that not only are the world's most effective blue-blockers, but also the most stylish: a necessary factor to ensure they would be worn every night.

Why red lenses?

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The Carbonshade Collection

All of our styles are built with an aluminum alloy frame and our patent-pending red polycarbonate lenses.

Carbonshade For Athletes

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Carbonshade For Business

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These glasses are amazing. I've tried other blue blockers before and these are the best looking by a long shot!

Juanito A

The best pair of glasses I've purchased – I enjoyed them so much I gifted them to my best friend and placed a second order.

Johnny K

Just received the glasses and they have exceeded my expectations. Well done!

Jason, JBS Technologies

I love them, they exceeded my expectations! Recommending them to all my clients and friends. They ooze style and quality.

Justin L

I love the way your glasses look and feel. I had some uvex glasses but felt like they didn't block enough blue spectrum plus they looked dorky.

Laura M

Thank you for the excellent glasses!! Immediate comfort and I can tell that these glasses are blocking a lot of light.

Margaret G

I got my glasses on friday and they are excellent - top quality and great looking and fitting too! Thank you so much! 

Fred A

Love these glasses, been using for months. I measure my sleep nightly and these glasses have def helped max out REM and deep sleep. Good quality.

James M. Baker