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First, Why Is Blue Light So Bad?


Blue light is not all bad! It's actually present in sunlight, it's part of what energizes us when we're outside. Luckily, it is not the entire spectrum of light that has this effect, but only the blue and green portion of the spectrum. However overexposure of blue and green light is what affects our health. Once the sun goes down our devices that project blue light do the most harm. The computers, phones, TVs, and even ordinary lightbulbs we use have been scientifically proven to disrupt sleep via melatonin suppression and other pathways.

At night, blue light tricks the brain into being more wake. This negatively impacts our natural melatonin production and the many other metabolic pathways of the circadian rhythm (your natural sleeping pattern) which are vital to maintain for long-term health. Regulated Melatonin production is vital for deep and restorative sleep for optimal performance and productivity throughout the day, and this is where Carbonshade comes in. Typical 'blue-blockers' as they are commonly known only block a fraction of this range harmful to your health. Our glasses block out 99.8% of this harmful light to protect your sleep cycle and immune system.



A natural circadian rhythm looks like the graph in red. This individual has a higher production of melatonin over time because of low exposure to blue light. This means that the body is able to smoothly and quickly transition into a deeper sleep state.

The graph in blue shows an off balance circadian rhythm. This individual is being exposed to blue light and because of this, is having a much harder time falling asleep. Their brain has been preventing melatonin from producing, which is making it harder for the body to initiate the sleep cycle. Because this individual never reached a deep sleep state, they won't feel rested enough to tackle their day with energy. Carbonshades exist to allow you that peace of mind and energy. Sleep with ease and wake up ready for anything!


Why Red Lenses? Why not Yellow or Clear?


Turns out, red is the best color for blocking the light that inhibits sleep. That's because it's not just blue light that interferes with our circadian rhythm, as the term 'blue-blockers' would suggest – it's also green light. Specifically, it's light in the melanopic action spectrum of 400-570nm. 

Unlike orange and yellow-lensed glasses which block less than half of the unwanted light, Carbonshade's red lenses block over 99.8% of the light in this range.

We use extremely durable, polycarbonate lenses with optical properties originally engineered for high-power laser environments. Our red lenses look beautiful and are 3rd party verified to block over 99.8% of the total light across the entire spectrum known to trigger melatonin suppression (400-570 nm), far surpassing the capabilities of yellow or orange lenses, let alone clear lens 'blue-blockers.


 The Best Time to Wear Carbonshades?


Carbonshade glasses are worn in the evening prior to going to bed. It is in these crucial hours that light exposure tricks our brain into thinking it is daytime. Block the responsible light and go to bed every night relaxed, knowing the following morning will feel great. Carbonshade is the leading wellness technology company, with customers in over 60 countries who love how great sleep makes everything better.