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Seeing light at night from computers, phones, and even ordinary lightbulbs has been scientifically proven to disrupt sleep via melatonin suppression and numerous other pathways. Natural melatonin production and the numerous other metabolic pathways of the circadian rhythm are vital for long-term human health. In the short-term, they are vital for deep and restorative sleep.


Luckily, it is not the entire spectrum of light that has this effect, but only the blue and green portion of the spectrum. When we found out that typical 'blue-blockers' as they are commonly known only block a fraction of this range, we invented the original red-lens blue blocking glasses. Plus, we are the only company committed to providing transparent and accurate data on the properties of our lens (hint: nothing is 100%).

We use high toughness polycarbonate lenses with optical properties originally engineered for high-power laser environments. Our red lenses look beautiful and are 3rd party verified to block over 99.8% of the total light across the entire spectrum known to trigger melatonin suppression (400-570 nm), far surpassing the capabilities of yellow or orange lenses, let alone clear lens 'blue-blockers.'



Carbonshade glasses are worn in the evening prior to going to bed. It is in these crucial hours that light exposure tricks our brain into thinking it is daytime. Block the responsible light and go to bed every night relaxed, knowing the following morning will feel great.

Carbonshade is the leading wellness technology company, with customers in over 60 countries who love how great sleep makes everything better.

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