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About Us

Carbonshade LLC is based out of San Luis Obispo, California, and was founded with the goal of helping people around the world sleep better. With the release of Carbonshade eyewear, we believe we have taken a big step towards a healthier planet. We funded our first production run with Kickstarter in March 2016, and since then we've been working hard on improving our product lineup and spreading awareness about blue light. You can contact us here.


Tommy Espinoza 

Formerly at Twitter, NASA JPL and Apple, Tommy currently serves as CEO of Carbonshade.



Jeremy Maluf 

With a background in Computer Science at Cal Poly and a history of building and scaling early-stage startup projects, Jeremy has several years' experience in marketing, web design, and product development. He co-founded Carbonshade with Michael Chapiro with the ambitious mission of revolutionizing sleep worldwide. Jeremy manages marketing, fulfillment, and sales strategies.



Michael Chapiro 

After studying Materials Engineering at Cal Poly and co-founding a SLO-based startup developing carbon fiber 3D printing systems to replace machined metal, Michael realized his deep affinity for bodyhacking and healthy living. With his experience in product sourcing, sales, and startups he co-founded Carbonshade with Jeremy Maluf and advises on Carbonshade's business strategy.